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Lavish Your Clients With Service with Cathi Durrell (Ep. 23)

Aside from a prospectus, product brochure or statement, your business has become extremely virtual and complex. Adding tangible tools to your approach helps remind both your affluent clients and your prospective clients that there are two types of advisors – salespeople and consultants – and what the differences between the two are.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Cathi Durrell, owner of Lavish Cards, to discuss how one of the best strategies a fee-for-service professional can do to take their relationship management to the next level.

Cathi discusses:

  • Actionable strategies that lead to client loyalty, client engagement, and client advocacy
  • How greeting cards reinforce your image as a goal-based professional
  • What to do if you can’t find the time to send out personalized greeting cards
  • Unconventional card ideas to improve your branding
  • And more


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About Our Guest: Cathi Durrell, along with her husband Glen, who is a professional photographer, are the owners of Lavish Fine Art Cards, a company they co-founded 11 years ago. Lavish has grown extensively over the past 11 years and specializes in catering to the bespoke communication needs of their clients. The entire crew at Lavish are committed to creating and supplying the highest quality greeting cards. In her spare time, Cathi enjoys travel and exploring “the back-roads” with Glen, in search of the next image for Lavish.


Dynastic Drivers in Estate Planning with Julia Norman (Ep 18)

Estate planning is the one of those tasks that needs to get done but we often procrastinate to get it done. 

On This episode of Always on, Duncan MacPherson is joined by Julia Norman, Associate Lawyer at Pushor Mitchell LLP, who specializes in estate planning. She shares insights and tips on how to navigate your estate plan so you don’t have to worry when something bad happens. 

Julia discusses:

  • The three things that separates her from other estate planning lawyers  
  • Tax Liabilities 
  • The negative effects of procrastination on estate planning
  • Why people are desperate to get their estate plan done when something big happens
  • And More!


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About Our Guest:

Julia Norman is an associate lawyer with Pushor Mitchell practicing in the areas of civil litigation, family law, estate planning and estate administration.

Prior to going to law school, Julia rode for the Canadian Equestrian Team in the sport of three-day eventing, training and competing throughout North America. Outside of the office Julia can be found spending time with her family, riding her horse, waterskiiing, or enjoying one of the many activities that the Okanagan has to offer.


Achieve Mastery of Family Dynamics With Jackie Wilke

As aging clients transfer their wealth, advisors often yearn for a lasting relationship with their beneficiaries down the road.

However, getting introductions to clients’ family members can be a challenge!

In this podcast, Duncan speaks with Jackie Wilke, vice president, advisor consultant at First Trust. They unpack strategies to help you attract and retain clients for multiple generations by developing a Multi-Family Office (MFO) client experience.

Duncan and Jackie discuss:

  • How to demonstrate your genuine care for clients without seeming too sales-y
  • The “family phone call” exercise that positions you as a family advisor
  • Tips to help you navigate complex family conversations with clients
  • Content marketing ideas to create significant value for your target audience
  • The importance of building a multi-generational client base 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Jackie Wilke is a speaker, author, consultant, and coach for select partners of First Trust, a firm known not only for its robust investment product line which includes UITs, ETFs, SMAs, and VAs (to name a few) but also for its commitment to the growth of financial advisors. Jackie’s focus is business development and innovation including expertise in helping financial professionals, teams, and the next generation of high-net-worth individuals/households and multi-generational families. She is also the author of Insights & Innovations, a business development blog for financial professionals and enterprises.