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Building Relationships through Video With Katie Braden (Ep. 34)

Building Relationships through Video With Katie Braden (Ep. 34)

Video marketing is revolutionizing the way advisors connect with clients and prospects.

However, getting in front of the camera can feel terrifying for some people. For others, it might just seem like “a lot of work.” But not anymore.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Katie Braden, CFP®, founder and chief video officer at Advisor Video Marketing. Katie explains how advisors can make short yet impactful videos with clarity, conviction, confidence, and consistency.

They discuss:

  • The key to creating authentic videos that build intimate relationships
  • How video marketing helps advisors sift the prospects from the suspects
  • Three most common video mistakes that damage the viewer experience
  • Ideas for evergreen and one-on-one videos to help you get started
  • Navigating compliance for video marketing
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Katie Braden, CFP® is bullish on the power of authentic video. She loves working with advisors to help them improve their virtual meeting setup, build confidence on camera and use video to grow their brand, attract more of their ideal clients and better communicate with existing clients. 

Katie obtained a degree in photography from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia before returning to the U.S. and joining her mother’s RIA. She left in 2013 to start one of the first completely virtual, subscription-model financial planning businesses and then pivoted to working, speaking and consulting with financial planners in 35 countries. She now combines that creative side with her passion for the profession as Founder and Chief Video Officer of Advisor Video Marketing. 

Katie has served on CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) Council since 2014, is a 2016 InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Alum, and is often seen speaking at or video-reporting from industry conferences. 

The Why and How of Video Marketing for Advisors 2.0 with Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula (Ep. 19)

Advisors have been using conventional tools for content marketing like blogs and whitepapers for years. But have you ever considered video marketing?

Videos can help you with client acquisition, establishing credibility, branding, and much more!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula, co-founders of Idea Decanter. They explore the power of video marketing in financial services and how it can fast-track your business growth.

Laura and Sharon discuss:

  • Ways to enhance your client experience using videos
  • Tips for effectively conveying your core message to ideal prospects
  • How Idea Decanter makes video marketing easy (even if it’s your first video!)
  • How to add tremendous value to your business with video intellectual property
  • And More!


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About Our Guests:

Laura Garfield started her career in broadcast journalism learning how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the story. Her experience, from small-market TV in Hastings, NE, all the way up through positions at CBS News in New York and then CNN in Atlanta, gives her a unique perspective on digital storytelling. In 2014, she co-founded Idea Decanter to help growth-minded financial service professionals leverage digital content to take control of their own brand.

Sharon Gottula spent 20 years as a commercial photographer, focusing her talent on everything from portraiture to architecture and food for national and international publications, such as  Newsweek, Men’s Fitness and Prevention Magazine. When she co-founded Idea Decanter, she began helping clients in the wealth sector breathe new life into their marketing strategies with video. Sharon specializes in finding visual ways to explain complex concepts and telling your story in 2 minutes or less.