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Built to be Sold with Ted Jenkin (Ep. 13)

When you build a house, you know, one day you might have to sell for a variety of reasons? What if your business followed the same format?

Just like adding a new deck to your backyard or investing in new technology to grow your business, every move you make contributes to the overall value when it comes time to sell. 

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Ted Jenkin, CEO of oXYGen Financial. They talk about taking your business to the next level, so you can get the dollar amount you desire if and when you decide to sell. 

Ted discusses:

  • How to handle the negotiation of sale of your business 
  • The three skills needed to scale your business income
  • The importance of looking at both short and long term ROI
  • The importance of investing a bookkeeper
  • And more

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Connect With Ted Jenkin:

About Our Guest:

Over the years, Ted Jenkin has built a reputation of being a visionary. He started his business oXYGen Financial in 2008 during the height of the stock market crash. He built his business with the purpose of providing financial advice to the X & Y generations. Using a revolutionary style, Clients could hire oXYGen from the get go and pay a monthly fee for the team to build clients their own personal financial dashboard. Ted has featured as a columnist on the Wall Street Journal and can be seen regularly on CNN/Headline News. Along with being featured locally on 93.7FM, 106.3FM, 680 The Fan, and NBC 11 Alive News. He also has six advanced designations including the Certified Financial Planner degree as well. 


Why You Should Be Podcasting With Matt Halloran

Podcasting is an incredibly powerful tool for financial services professionals. It has the ability to drown out the noise and make people focus on what you’re saying.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson is interviewed by Matt Halloran of ProudMouth about the merits of podcasting and why financial service professionals should consider adding it to their marketing and branding efforts. Duncan explains why he chose to start a podcast.

Duncan discusses:

  • Why he chose to bring podcasting to his followers, clients, etc.
  • How podcasting allows you to move people from suspects to prospects (or skeptics to fans)
  • Why intellectual property is so important for a fee for service professional
  • How his clients have used organic growth to improve their practice 
  • And more

Connect With Duncan MacPherson:

Connect With Matt Halloran:

About Our Guest:

Matt got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach.   As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.  More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list.

Matt respects how tough it is to be great and effective at marketing while running a practice, living a life, and loving a family. He teaches advisors how to be themselves, let their passions shine through and create strong brands that resonate with ideal prospects and centers of influence.