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Rejuvenating Client Relationships with Matt Cardella (Ep. 47)

Advisors, are you looking for ways to rejuvenate your client relationships?

Creating a meaningful impact in their lives is only a part of it. It’s equally important that your clients know (and appreciate) your value and process!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Matt Cardella, a financial advisor at Raymond James. Matt shares how his business has achieved professional contrast and improved relationships with a process-driven approach.

They discuss:

  • How to make your message more compelling by thinking beyond the technicalities
  • The significance of converting ideas into intellectual property
  • Connecting “authentically” with your clients
  • How to make your clients appreciate you more
  • The path to greater work-life balance as a financial advisor
  • And more

Connect With Duncan:

Connect With Matt:


About Our Guest:

Matt began his career at Edward Jones in 2002 with a strong desire to help people make good financial decisions. In 2003, Matt hung out his shingle in Hinesville, Georgia. After 17 years, he made the change to Raymond James. Matt, along with his team, helps families and business people with their investments, but there is much more to it than just money. Matt and his team are committed to supporting their clients in every aspect of their lives, and finances are just the beginning. They recognize that financial well-being impacts many other areas of life. Their commitment to provide personalized and comprehensive planning goes far beyond investments. They help their clients navigate toward a brighter future with financial confidence.