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Thriving through Market Volatility with Chris Jeppesen (Ep. 24)

When the markets are soaring high, most advisors might do well. But it is during times of high volatility that elite advisors set themselves apart.

They create a professional contrast and an exceptional experience to meet the current demand of clients and prospects, even during a downturn!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Chris Jeppesen, chief of advisory practices at First Trust, to discuss strategies for alleviating your clients’ anxiety amidst current market turbulence and the progression and evolution of top financial professionals today.

Chris discusses:

  • How to restore your clients’ confidence in you using the ECA framework (empathy, context, and action)
  • How to maintain relevance as financial services get commoditized
  • The much-needed shift from transactional salesmanship to directional stewardship
  • Sneak peek into the new book “The Blue Square Method” (and how it will benefit fee-for-service professionals)
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Chris Jeppesen is the head of advisory practices at First Trust, a firm known not only for its robust investment product line which includes UITs, ETFs, SMAs, and VAs (to name a few) but also for its commitment to the growth of financial advisors. First Trust has dedicated many years to finding (and investing in) creative ways to help financial advisors grow their practices. Chris’ goal over the last 18 years has been to give financial advisors the tools to develop an efficient business model focused on building long-term client trust and loyalty. Chris is also the co-author of The Advisor Playbook.