Finding Clarity and Confidence in Advisor Transitions with Louis Diamond (Ep. 58)

Transitioning to another employee-model firm or launching an RIA firm can be daunting!

Finding the right fit, adapting to the new environment, communicating the transition to your existing clients…there’s a lot to consider.

Let’s break it all down with Duncan MacPherson and guest Louis Diamond, President of Diamond Consultants, a financial advisor recruiting firm. With his strategic perspective and wealth of experience guiding top teams through transitions, mergers, and acquisitions, Louis offers valuable insights and solutions to help you navigate change with clarity and confidence. 

They discuss:

  • Top challenges advisors face while transitioning
  • Strategies to maximize your business’s efficiency, profitability, and overall value
  • Why transitions are a great opportunity to revitalize your value proposition
  • How to effectively position your transition in front of your existing clients
  • The “Shrink to Grow” approach
  • And more


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Connect With Louis:


About Our Guest:

Louis has guided many of the top teams in the industry as they’ve transitioned to another employee-model firm or launched RIA firms. As a next-generation leader for Diamond Consultants, Louis has a first-hand understanding of the needs and requirements of complex multi-generational teams. His strong business acumen, refined analytical skills, and objectivity allow him to advise independent business owners who want to accelerate growth via mergers, acquisitions, and recruiting.

As President of Diamond Consultants, Louis is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm, with an eye toward future growth. Much like the advisors he counsels, his focus remains on providing the best advice possible for those we work with while transforming the firm into a scalable enterprise.