The Future of Branding and Client Acquisition with Seth Diener and Alex Lerch (Ep. 55)

With messaging, the key is brevity, specificity, and proprietary.

You must choose your target audience, personalize your marketing to resonate with them, walk them through a proprietary process, and share their experience using effective testimonials!

Learn more about elevating your brand in this episode, as Duncan MacPherson speaks with Seth Diener, owner of Diener Money Management, and Alex Lerch, director of Oak & Stone Advisor Marketing. They explain how advisors can better focus their marketing efforts on their ideal audience — and then harness the power of AI during the implementation phase.

They discuss:

  • The multi-fold benefits of giving your process an identity (i.e., a brand within a brand)
  • How to garner a newfound appreciation from existing clients
  • How to use client testimonials in multiple ways and make the most out of them
  • Using AI to craft content (especially when the average human attention span is at an all-time low)
  • And more


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About Our Guests:

Seth J. Diener is an independent Private Wealth Manager and is the founder of Diener Money
Management, a financial services firm in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Seth is a proud Pareto graduate and has implemented his proprietary process, The Flourish Formula,
throughout his operations, marketing and practice.

Alex Lerch is the Marketing Director for Oak & Stone Advisor Marketing, specializing in assisting
financial advisors for nearly a decade. He excels in developing marketing systems for advisors within
their practices, referral strategies, communication plans, and modern media to help advisors grow
their firms.

With a deep understanding of the industry and a focus on personalized solutions, Alex has established
a reputation as a trusted partner for financial advisors seeking marketing support.