Embracing the C-Suite with Max and Lucas Winthrop (Ep. 49)

Embracing the C-Suite with Max and Lucas Winthrop (Ep. 49)

For years, financial advisors saw themselves as brokers, being mostly transactional and product-driven.

Today, advisors wear many hats. It’s no longer just a book of business, but an actual business!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson joins Max Winthrop, CEO, and Lucas Winthrop, COO, of Winthrop Wealth and long-time clients of Pareto Systems. They emphasize the importance of embracing a C-suite approach to streamline core business functions and deliver a consistent and elevated client experience.

They discuss:

  • How to build effective functional teams with high functional accountability
  • How key C-suite positions can be refined and optimized for an advisory practice
  • The need for a philosophical alignment across the firm, which spills over to clients and strategic partners
  • Strategies for creating a process-driven and well-integrated business structure
  • And more

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About Our Guests:

Max Winthrop is the Chief Executive Officer at Winthrop Wealth. Max has consistently challenged the industry norms for wealth management providers, investing in creating a team-based wealth management experience that is complemented by a cutting-edge technology platform. He has over ten years of experience in the financial services and investment management industry. He is responsible for setting the firm’s strategy, broadening the service offering, and constantly working to enhance the client experience.

Max spearheaded the creation of the Winthrop Wealth Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2017, implementing a partnership structure, a scalable technology infrastructure, and built out an experienced team of professionals. Since the creation of the new RIA, Winthrop Wealth has grown its asset base of regulatory advisory assets, won numerous employer awards, and was recently named to the INC 5000 (2021) list of fastest growing private companies.

Max’s prior work experience with a Fortune 500 Financial Organization equipped him with a leadership/management skillset. He also spent time as an investment analyst structuring large, institutional, Regulation D private placements.

Max believes that the industry needs an injection of youth and is working towards extending services, previously reserved for only wealthy individuals, to the younger millennial generation.

Lucas Winthrop is the Chief Operating Officer at Winthrop Wealth, where he collaborates with the leadership team to shape the firm’s strategic direction and plan. He plays a crucial role in focusing and marshaling firm resources to see the firm’s vision come to fruition. Winthrop Wealth’s current strategic plan includes initiatives related to building exceptional teams, implementing innovative solutions, and designing streamlined processes and structures to help drive scalable, positive outcomes. With over a decade of experience in financial services, Lucas is determined to disrupt outdated industry practices and usher in a new era of possibilities by focusing not on what has been but instead asking what could be.

To drive business optimization and strong business performance outcomes, Lucas focuses on anchoring and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation that is ready to disrupt outdated industry practices or take advantage of disruption. Since launching the RIA alongside his brother Max in 2017, Winthrop has achieved remarkable success, including securing a coveted position on the esteemed INCE 5000 (2021) list of the fastest-growing private companies. Before joining Winthrop Wealth, Lucas was co-founder and CFO of a non-profit organization, and co-founded a music entertainment company.

Lucas’s obsession is to find out what interests and drives those around him and to unlock their utmost potential. With a profound love for the financial services industry, he enjoys connecting with his industry peers and assisting them in optimizing their businesses.