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Make Your Clients The Voice With Steve Phillips (Ep. 48)

Have you ever stepped into your clients’ shoes to see your business from their point of view? Understanding how they perceive your value is key to building lasting relationships.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Steve Phillips, Chief Practice Management and Development Officer at USA Financial and a consultant at Pareto Systems. Together, they explore strategies for effectively articulating your value proposition and turning clients into enthusiastic advocates.

They discuss:

  • Three golden questions to ask your existing clients
  • The path from endorsements to introductions (i.e., quality referrals)
  • How “client advisory councils” and “ideal client meetings” can rejuvenate your relationships and generate valuable feedback
  • Powerful ways to position (not pitch!) your value to clients
  • And more


Connect With Duncan:

Connect With Steve:


About Our Guest:

Steve Phillips is the Chief Practice Management and Development Officer, joining USA Financial in 2019. He leads the coaching and consulting team working with USA Financial advisors to increase the enterprise value of their firms through tailored ongoing and evolving practice management initiatives. In addition to Steve’s integral role within the coaching team, he works with the sales team to develop strong and productive partner relationships with advisors. This interconnective approach between coaching and sales strategically elevates the overall client experience provided.

Steve Phillips is also a Pareto Certified Practice Management Consultant at Pareto Systems. He has spent over 25 years in the financial services industry as a speaker, trainer, and educator working with advisors, product development firms, and carriers.