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Find Another Gear with David Rutherford (Ep 17)

Join David Rutherford, a highly sought-after performance coach who combines immutable principles drawn from his intense experience in the Navy SEAL community along with actionable strategies from the world of business development and entrepreneurship. His client list is a who’s who in corporate America as well as champion amateur and professional sports teams. 

Along with Duncan MacPherson, David will share his unrivaled insights and proven strategies that will revitalize your team, reframe your client relationships and reignite your ambition to serve and grow as a financial professional.

They discuss how to:  

  • Kickstart Your Team to buy into an optimistic and elevated approach to the future
  • Rejuvenate Your Clients to ensure they appreciate your value fully and completely
  • Define Your Continuity Plan to go deeper into client families and secure your legacy
  • Drive Your Enterprise Value to maximize your biggest asset and life’s work


Connect With Duncan:

Connect With David:


About Our Guest:

David is living his dream as an internationally known motivational speaker, best-selling author for kids and adults, world champion performance coach, and an award-wining Podcast host. His passion for motiving people is allowing him to work with the top companies in the world, averaging over 50 events a year. His specialty is helping individuals, teams, and organizations to develop a specific and focused approach to managing people and the mission. David is committed to helping people embrace their fears, forge their Self-Confidence, how live the Team Life, and live with purpose. David’s high energy, entertaining style, and endless motivation inspire all of those who come in contact with him to dig deep, persevere, and commit to the development of winning cultures.

David served 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator, and Instructor. Since his honorable discharge from the Navy in 2003, he has continued traveling as an international training specialist for Blackwater. Eventually, David was recruited by the CIA as a training and curriculum specialist, as well as deployed into high threat areas as a close protection and security specialist. David’s long-term service to the country at the highest levels and in many areas enabled him to develop a masterful ability to motivate and train people from all walks of life to achieve success in any environment imaginable.

Since 2006 David has been motivating audiences and individuals across America and around the world with his highly unique style of speaking, writing, and coaching. His Froglogic Concepts are derived from the 70 + years of operational successes within the UDT/SEAL community as well as 25 years of personal experience and research. He has combined his incredible personal story with the proven track record of the SEAL Teams and the CIA to create a simple, elite performance program.