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Finish Strong in 2022 (Ep. 29)

Finish Strong in 2022 (Ep. 29)

Q4 is the perfect time to finish the year with a bang, especially as we come out of an unprecedented disruption. It’s also the perfect time to build momentum and prepare to fast-track success in the New Year.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson highlights four key steps financial professionals should take to maximize their client relationships and position their businesses for a strong and profitable final quarter of 2022, and for a great start to 2023. These strategies are easy to implement and translate into results quickly and predictably.

Duncan discusses:

  • A proven process to rejuvenate relationships with your best clients and amplify growth through advocacy
  • How to make timely adjustments to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Sample scripts to use in client meetings (and holiday cards!)
  • Tips for maximizing your value during volatile market conditions
  • And more


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