Harness the Power of AI: Game-Changing Strategies for Modern Advisors with Craig Kirkpatrick (Ep. 52)

Harness the Power of AI: Game-Changing Strategies for Modern Advisors with Craig Kirkpatrick (Ep. 52)

Whether you like it or not, the world is quickly adopting artificial intelligence (AI).

Now, the choice is yours — Do you want to get on board and leverage AI to improve your business? Or do you want to risk falling behind other advisors?

To stay ahead of the curve, Join Duncan MacPherson and Craig Kirkpatrick, founder of Act-Three Consulting, to learn how to use AI to save time, connect better with clients, and expand your knowledge along the way. This insightful conversation will expand your thinking around how AI is here to serve you, not hurt you.

They discuss:

  • A methodical approach to AI prompting for better results
  • How to use AI for faster content creation (with insights about navigating compliance)
  • A list of up-and-coming AI tools that may be relevant to your business
  • Real-world examples of successful AI applications
  • Why the “human touch” will become even more important with the adoption of AI
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

With over three decades of seasoned experience in the financial services sector, Craig Kirkpatrick is committed to educating advisors to help them better serve their clients. His Act Three journey is characterized not just by his prior achievements, but with relentless curiosity and dedication to empowering financial advisors through the understanding and application of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

Craig deeply values the potential of AI to enhance client interactions in financial advising, advocating for its integration as a tool for smarter decision-making and stronger relationships. His interest in blockchain, with certificates by DACFP and CAIA, underpins Act Three’s vision of understanding through education. Craig also co-founded Orinda Asset Management, where they launched pioneering liquid alternative mutual funds. Before Orinda, Craig co-founded Kensington Investment Group which launched one of the first long-short REIT mutual funds, a REIT preferred fund, and a global infrastructure fund. Craig is a grounded professional, who, through Act Three, continues to explore and advocate for the future of financial planning and asset management, guided by innovative technologies.