A Healthy Bench-strength: Actionable Steps To Improve Your Team’s Health With Jennifer Payeur

A health-conscious culture drives productivity, performance, and self-actualization for every member of your company.

In this podcast, Duncan speaks with Jennifer Payeur, the CEO of Nature-Provides and an entrepreneur focused on health and wellness. Drawing from personal health struggles and her holistic healing experience, Jennifer reveals ways to help you and your team proactively build your greatest asset — your health!

Duncan and Jennifer discuss:

  • Proven strategies to foster a healthy bench-strength
  • How to consistently be your own health advocate
  • Restoring balance in your life in today’s stressful environment
  • The underrated benefits of plant stem cells in detoxifying your body
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

In 2019, Jennifer started Nature-Provides, whose mission is to transform health and well-being through organic plant-based herbs and essential oils. She believes that by collaborating with nature, we can create a healthy thriving world and a sustainable earth. Jen has pursued many holistic modalities, including Barbara Brennan energy healing, master gardening, medicinal aromatherapy, yoga, and a ministry of the walking prayer. Previously, Jen has had a 29-year career in financial services, holding various leadership roles in Operations, Quality and Productivity, Change Management, Finance, and Technology.